Dr. Z makes Rhode Island Monthly’s “Top Doc” list—again!

AAPRI is excited to announce that John Zwetchkenbaum, MD, aka Dr. Z, has been named a “Top Doc” by Rhode Island Monthly magazine for the third year in a row! The annual list, which came out in April, includes 235 physicians who practice in Rhode Island across 53 specialties. Dr. Z was one of just four chosen by his peers in the Allergy/Immunology category, and we’re extremely proud of him.

top doc dr z ri monthly

About the “Top Docs”

Each year, Rhode Island Monthly asks RI-licensed MDs and DOs to vote for doctors they would trust to care for their family and friends in a range of specialties. The magazine then works with an independent data research company that conducts a survey using an online ballot for collecting, vetting, and tallying the votes. “It’s an honor to be recognized by my peers,” says Dr. Z. “Congratulations to all of the doctors on the list for their commitment to provide outstanding care to their patients.”

The allergy and immunology specialty

Allergy and immunology is the area of medicine dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of health concerns and conditions of the immune system such as allergies and related symptoms and reactions—from asthma, rhinitis, sinus problems, or seasonal allergies to life-threatening reactions to food, drugs, and more. Physicians in this specialty provide care for hundreds of immune diseases that affect millions of people in the U.S. each year.

On being a functional allergist

Dr. Z brings a unique and effective approach to his practice that includes a combination of traditional and functional medicine. “The key is looking beyond the external to understand the role of our internal environment at the cellular level of the gut,” explains Dr. Z. As a functional allergist, Dr. Z looks for the underlying cause. 

“At AAPRI, our motto is ‘treat the cause to defeat the symptoms,’” he says. This means going beyond just getting symptoms under control with medication. “Our goal is to identify the root cause by looking at multiple contributing factors—including genetics, environment, and lifestyle.” It’s a holistic approach that’s aimed at improving the patient’s overall health for the long haul. 

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