Why is functional medicine testing so important?

Making the decision to come see one of our healthcare specialists is an important first step toward getting on the path to better health. At AAPRI and the Center for Functional Medicine, our #1 goal is to identify the root cause of your symptoms so we can provide targeted, accurate treatment and ensure the best possible outcome. Testing is an essential tool we use to assess your health condition and needs—and we offer a wide range of testing and treatment options.

Why is functional medicine testing so important?

Evaluation, testing, and diagnosis

We provide a variety of tests to help us understand what’s causing your symptoms. Here’s a snapshot of the most common testing we do at as part of our functional medicine practice. Please note that your provider may recommend alternative tests as appropriate depending on your individual needs.


FIT – Food Inflammation Test

The KBMO FIT test is done using a stick method and measures sensitivity to 132 foods, colorings, and additives spanning all major food groups.


STRESS – ZRT Hormone Test

The ZRT hormone test is often used as an indicator of stress and is a simple, convenient, and non-invasive way to evaluate hormone health. A saliva sample is needed to perform this test.



Hormone tests vary widely in their purpose, results, and cost. Your provider will discuss the options with you and select a test and laboratory that meets your individual needs. Depending on the test, a blood, urine, or saliva sample is required.

Gut Health


The GI-MAP targets “leaky gut” syndrome, and is an accurate, comprehensive stool analysis that allows practitioners to address gut dysfunction.


SIBO – Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth Test

The Aero SIBO test reveals how bacteria in your intestine are functioning. It provides a measured reference to determine the appropriate course of action as needed. This is a breath test.

Additional Allergy Testing

As part of your evaluation, your provider will perform a physical exam to help determine which tests are needed. Some tests may be performed the day of your initial visit, but most tests need to be scheduled for a later date. Some additional tests are performed through our asthma and allergy practice and include:

Next steps

After you have completed the recommended tests, your provider will discuss treatment options with you. All of our providers bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and training to provide comprehensive care that aims to “treat the cause and defeat the symptoms.” Our holistic, integrated approach to care offers our patients a path to achieving long-term relief and improved overall health. Schedule a consultation today with Dr. Z or any of our dedicated team members to get on the path to better health.

Meet Our Team

Before your visit, learn more about our team of dedicated care providers. We are all ready to help address your allergy, asthma, and overall health needs.